Archive Architecture through Drawing – book launch December 4th 2019

Archive The EDIT, 2019 End of Year Show December 15th 2019

Archive Elizabeth Mossop Anthology on Designing for Coastal Resilience March 26th 2019

Archive Melbourne, Sydney: References, Reflections & Remarks; is now available March 25th 2019

Archive Apostate- Institute for Prospective Cultures November 13th 2019

Archive Efficient Student Housing by Natasha Randall and Mitchell Smith December 8th 2019

Archive Masters students in Tallinn Architecture Biennale October 5th 2019

Archive UTS School of Architecture Talks November 15th 2019

Archive UTS team wins at XXII Triennale di Milano March 26th 2019

Archive TERROIR wins at World Architecture Festival Awards December 4th 2019

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