Lectures Nasrine Seraji – The future of architectural education, challenges and opportunities September 3rd 2020

Lectures Sarah Hearne – Other Things Visible on Paper October 29th 2020

Lectures David García – QUARANTINE October 1st 2020

Lectures Emma Letizia Jones, UTS – The Lineage of the Line [The Origins of the Schinkel Style] June 19th 2020

Lectures James Taylor-Foster – WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD October 7th 2020

Lectures Charlotte Malterre-Barthes – Dismantling the Master’s House: Bringing Intersectionality to Architecture October 21st 2020

Lectures PIOVENEFABI – Design Life as a Party October 14th 2020

Lectures Iván López Munuera – HIV/AIDS Discotecture: The Political Space of Epidemics June 19th 2020

Lectures Common Accounts – The products of the American academia August 19th 2020

Lectures Smout Allen – Proving Grounds and Instrumental Architecture October 22nd 2020

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