Masters of Research in Architecture
The Master of Research in Architecture (MoRe) is a two-years-long Higher Degree Research (HDR) program that addresses the social and political challenges of climatic regimes, decolonising futures, anthropocenic territories and their historiography through the study of an expanded understanding of architecture. The program is a framework in which both academic and professional concerns are articulated as a cultural practice that combines critical thought, design experimentation, and ethical responsibilities.

MoRe includes a mixture of required master-class colloquia, methodology seminars, lecture series and research studios that culminates in the preparation of an annual collaborative thesis under the supervision of the academics of the School of Architecture. It can take the form of a written thesis on a historical or theoretical topic; a portfolio of critical writings; a print-based demonstration and visualisation of original research. The work produced within the MoRe program has featured in the Chicago Architectural Bienniale, the Istanbul Design Bienniale and the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism.

Graduates of MoRe may transfer to PhD after a year of coursework.
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