Lectures Emma Letizia Jones, UTS – The Lineage of the Line [The Origins of the Schinkel Style] June 19th 7:38 AM

Publications Paradoxes of War Critique on Display: The Dresden Bundeswehr Museum of Military History June 19th 12:47 PM

Undergraduate Interior – Performative Spaces June 19th 2:22 AM

Undergraduate Landscape – Legends for Reconstructing the Burnt Forest June 19th 10:57 PM

Highlights North Edge Autonomous District – Elesi Atsu and Annabelle Dawn-Jones November 6th 7:26 AM

Research Master – (In)Security: Surveillance, Territory and Re-bordering Architecture New spatial and material frontiers of migration and war October 23rd 3:06 AM

Masters Architecture – Wingara’ba’nya November 6th 11:42 PM

Lectures Andrés Jaque, Office for Political Innovation – Architecture as Rendered Society November 3rd 4:29 AM

Archive New Exhibition Space Opens at Uts December 6th 5:09 AM

Lectures Dorothée Imbert & Andrew Cruse – Outside-In: A Square for the Novartis Campus June 19th 7:40 AM

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Masters June 19th 2020
Architecture – A Reading Room with a Throne
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