Highlights Sand Castles – William McRoberts and Calum York November 6th 2020

Undergraduate Landscape – Resilient Cities: Canopy June 19th 2020

Highlights Incubator for Socialisation – Lujia Yu November 6th 2020

Lectures Elizabeth Farrelly – The politics of dissensus August 20th 2020

Masters Architecture – An Architecture of Relationality V: Territory, Border, Countermeasure November 6th 2020

Exhibitions Kerbs at “What is Ornament?” at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale and the Shenzhen Biennale June 19th 2020

Lectures Beirut from a Distance June 20th 2020

Undergraduate Interior – Performative Spaces June 19th 2020

Undergraduate Interior – Foundations in Interior Architecture June 19th 2020

Masters Architecture – A Reading Room with a Throne June 19th 2020

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