Highlights Kangaroo Island Ecological Infrastructure – Jordan Bamford November 6th 2020

Highlights The Garden As A Room – Ellie Skinner and Harrison Stockdale November 6th 2020

Undergraduate Landscape – Legends for Reconstructing the Burnt Forest June 19th 2020

Highlights Shifting Islands – Brian Zirao Chen November 6th 2020

Exhibitions Driver Less Vision at Design of Different Futures June 19th 2020

Publications Openings of uncertainty: critiques of modernity in the drawings of Lars Lerup and Gunnar Asplund October 8th 2020

Undergraduate Architecture – ‘Housing’ Students November 6th 2020

Publications Ay Carameyas at Body Building November 19th 2020

Archive TERROIR wins at World Architecture Festival Awards December 4th 2019

Research PhD – The Media War in Architecture: Reporting on Screen-Based Architectural Pedagogy and Practice post 1990 October 23rd 2020

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